Quality Policy

Strict method and quality control at Micron Steel is a serious matter for us to reliably attain the maximum standards all over our services and products. It is applied at all phase in our processing functions all the way through raw material sourcing, product design, alloy selection, engineering, delivery and tube production.

Also, our strict quality assurance system is monitored in all our sections and Total Quality Management is applied to rationalize and all the practices and procedures in process to attain high standard of effectiveness.

Continuous sweats are being made for upgrading of materials technology and equipment for to deliver the finest quality of products at the most reasonable costs. The materials supplied by us are as per the standards tested by Government recognized laboratories.

The quality of materials and workmanship is being maintained as per essential standards by group of trained, skilled and experienced quality control technicians and engineers, by means of precision measuring instruments and testing facilities. The quality is defined in very first stage by following documentation procedures.

During the tangible manufacturing procedure, the quality is assured and maintained by adopting following stages - Raw material inspection, Assembly Inspection, Stage and final inspection, Load or No load trials.

This quality policy reproduces the demand for Micron Steel to achieve its organizational goals of remaining cost-effective in the supply of materials, and being able to offer a service that remains approachable to our patrons.

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